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The online Jewish Monument commemorates over 104.000 Jewish men, women and children that were persecuted in the Netherlands during the Second World War, and did not survive the Holocaust.

Nominations & awards:


European Design Award (silver winner)   |   Dutch Interactive Award (nominee)   |   Museums & the Web GLAMi Awards (nominee)   |   German Design Award (nominee)   |   Heritage in Motion Awards    |     The Lovie Award (gold winner)  



An impressive insight

The website provides an impressive insight into the massive scale of the genocide against the Jewish population of the Netherlands. It features detailed and community-enriched information about every individual victim. On the homepage, every victim is represented by a single pixel. The closer you zoom in at the pixels, the more details about the victims become visible. People with a name and face start emerging from the vast amount of pixels.





The homepage

In Jewish tradition, names are very important. As long as your name is remembered, you will not be forgotten. By digitally visiting a person's page in the monument this person is remembered. This concept becomes visual on the homepage by hightlighting all persons that were recently visited.



Treasuring personal information

Each victim in the monument has a personal page containing detailed information; such as their date of birth, date of death, family relations and the location of places where they sought refuge . Information can also be added by the users of the monument. Complementing information with personal memories creates a unique, living and continuously expanding monument.


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An active community

The Jewish Monument has been very successful in creating an active community:

  • More than 8.500 active community members worldwide.
  • Since 2005, over 80.000 contributions were made. This includes personal stories, pictures and requests for information.
  • The website has over 30.000 monthly visitors.


JHM bijdragen


Jewish Monument in the National Holocaust Museum

Since September 2016, the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam dedicated a room to the online Monument. The homepage is projected on a wall and shows real-time information about victims that were recently visited online. This installation is a manifestation of the value of this online monument for the vistors of the museum and the Jewish community.


The Hollandse Schouwburg Museum also shows a memorial wall with the names of all Jewish victims. By scanning a name, information from the Jewish Monument appears on the device. 


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