Nieuwsbegrip is getting better at reading with the news of today. Children make weekly, tailormade lessons about an engaging news item. Learning with subjects that relate to childrens' lives and what’s happening in the world around them has proven to be extremely motivating ánd effective.

This is why Nieuwsbegrip is used by almost all primary schools in the Netherlands and by more than 250.000 students weekly.

Meer weten?

Impact van dit project


new words have been learned by students


of Dutch primary schools use Nieuwsbegrip


students learn how to read better

E-learning tool

With Nieuwsbegrip e-learning children can learn anytime and anywhere; in class on a smartboard or at home by logging into their personal dashboard. They practice reading comprehension by asking questions, summarising and finding relations between text and words.

A playful avatar?

To make Nieuwsbegrip more fun for younger children we developed an avatar that guides them though the learning process. We asked thousands of children which avatar they liked best and used that option in the final designs.

Or a serious icon set?

Through research we also learned that older children want to be taken seriously and don’t want to be associated with “childish” interfaces. This is why we used a more serious icon set for this user group.

Teachers dashboard

Where children are the end-users of Nieuwsbegrip, teachers are facilitating their learning. To help them do that job as effective and easy as possible, we developed a clear and intuitive teacher-dashboard. Through this dashboard teachers can review student scores, access smartboard-tools and create and publish digital tests.


Putting the user first

Driebit is constantly improving Nieuwsbegrip and engages users in that process. Together with teachers, children and educational developers of the CED group we work on the effectivity of Nieuwsbegrip and the usability of the user experience.